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When you first heard about content marketing you probably thought, “Huh?! Content what?” 

Forget the boring definition.  Here’s a much easier way to explain what we do at Foreword. When you think about marketing you’re probably thinking TV ads… radio commercials… billboards. Traditional marketing, right?

Traditional marketing is fan-friggin’-tastic for exposure, but it’s not that great for building long-term relationships with your audience. Ask yourself: would I rather have someone know about my business or be a repeat customer, for life?

Duh. No-brainer!

As a content marketing agency, we plan content strategies to get new business and keep existing clients. Then, we produce content that your customers find valuable, keeping your business top-of-mind and them coming back for more.



If you want your content marketing efforts to succeed, you’ll need a blueprint to follow. Let Foreword content marketing agency’s strategists put together a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your marketing goals.


Words are your online salesperson. Whether you’re in the market for website content, newsletter content, social media content or blog content, the team at Foreword content marketing agency ensures that what we produce has the power the impact your bottom line.


Numbers, pie charts and graphs are great to look at, but monthly reports mean nothing if the data they contain isn’t translated into practical next steps. Let us have a look at your marketing data and help you optimise your content marketing to deliver a ROI.

The ultimate content writing formula

Heee haw! Open your Word documents and get ready to write until your fingers fall off. The content marketing gold rush is here and everyone is trying to find the content formula that’s going to guarantee your customers keep clicking and your bottom line keep ticking. Here’s what works for us…

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22 March 2016

The 3 second content test for website content.

When last did you take your website on a date? Yes, that’s not a typo. Google’s latest research reveals that customer browsing speeds have increased to a point where businesses have a mere three seconds to make a first impression online. Would your website crack a second date?

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22 March 2016

Free Buyer Persona Toolkit

Let’s imagine a world without advertising. Customers are free to browse what they want, where they want without having something popup, interrupt, arrive or placed. No ads. Zilch. Your business’ survival in this world depends on your relationship with your customers. Here’s how you get to know them better…

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15 March 2016